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TeamDML is experiencing a growth spurt, and I suspect the growth will continue as the 2020 election moves closer and social media platforms become more restrictive.  With this in mind, I want to explain a few very important changes and offerings that are taking place.  Please read carefully.

MEMBERSHIPS: For TeamDML 2020, which starts on December 1, there will be 3 memberships available: BASIC, PREMIUM and ADVISOR. 

Most of the PREMIUM Memberships that are currently active are held by people who signed up in 2018.  This consists of people who purchased Level 1, 2, or 3.  But in March 2019, we upgraded everyone with a Level 1 or 2 membership to Level 3.  Beginning December 1, 2019, this will change to a more simple system and you will be a PREMIUM member unless you choose differently.  More on that below.

The BASIC Membership was created in July 2019.  It offers a 30-day trial at $1.  If you stay with us longer than 30-days it becomes $3/month.  It is the ONLY monthly payment program we offer.  If you are signed up for the BASIC and want to keep it going forward you need not do a thing unless you want to upgrade to PREMIUM or ADVISOR.  For more on the upgrade process, continue reading below.

PREMIUM MEMBERS who started AFTER April 1, 2019.
-If you joined after April 1 and paid for a full year upfront, then you paid $200.  In 2020, the price is being lowered by 10%.  If you decide to stick with us in 2020, you will be charged the lesser amount at the time of renewal.  You need not do a thing today.

-If you joined after April 1 and paid for either the quarterly ($60) or 6-month ($105) membership and wish to continue paying that way, the rates will remain the same in 2020. You need not do a thing today. However, if you want to take advantage of the annual discount for 2020, then send us an email at [email protected] and we will work with you to shift your account over to an annual membership when your current membership ends.

There are a few hundred members who signed up for monthly payments at the Level 1, 2, or 3 pricing.  For 2020, if you are a Level 1 or 2 monthly payer, then you will need to shift down to a BASIC account for $3/month, or shift up to a Premium Membership at $60/quarter, or $105/every six months.  If you are a Level 3 monthly account, currently you pay $19.95 per month. Although we do not accept monthly memberships at the Premium level, we will grandfather you in for one more year.  You can pay monthly until 2021.  For more questions contact us at [email protected]

There are well over one thousand of annual members who pre-paid in 2018.  Your account is set to renew on the date you originally signed up.  If you DO NOT wish to continue with us, then you must contact us via email.  We will help you cancel.

If you WANT TO CONTINUE into 2020, you can do one of two things:
(1) Take advantage of the 10% discount we are offering in August. Pay just $162 in August and you’ll be all paid up until Dec 1, 2020.
(2) Do not take advantage of the August 10% discount and wait until your next recurring billing renewal hits and pay $180.

If you pay monthly, you will be grandfathered in for 2020.  Come 2021, you will no longer have a monthly option.

You paid $500 for the annual membership in 2019.  That price will remain the same for 2020.  However, if you pay in August, you will be offered a 10% discount.  If you do not pay in August and wish to continue on by paying in November, you need not do anything.  If you wish to cancel, you should contact us at [email protected]

Our Buddy Member List is closed.  The waiting list is years long. People seeking a free membership should consider the BASIC Membership instead.  If you are an existing Buddy Member and do not wish to sign on for a BASIC Membership, then your access will continue ONLY if we get the required number of sponsors at the ADVISOR level (aka Level 4).  If we do not get enough ADVISOR Members to cover the existing Buddy Members for 2020, then we will pool the existing Buddy Members and randomly pick out those who will be granted PREMIUM access.


Rates for 2020 begins on Dec 1, 2019:
BASIC: Pay $3 per month.
PREMIUM: Pay $180 per year (notwithstanding August discount), or pay $105 every six months, or pay $60 quarterly.
ADVISOR: $500 per year (notwithstanding August discount)


(1) DML LIVE (M,W,F)
Watch DML in real time discuss news and politics.

(2) DML Guest Interview (T)
DML goes one on one with a newsmaker, public figure or person of interest.

(3) DML & Cutler (Th)
DML & Special Agent Mike Cutler discuss the immigration issues shaping America.

(1) America The Beautiful
DML travels the country capturing good news that is often ignored by the media.  Series consists of 6 episode per season.  Season I begins Sept 15 (complete).  Season II begins Dec 25 (complete).  Season III March 15 (in production).  Season IV June 15 (in pre-production).

(1) Existing films available:
– They Come to America I: The Cost of Illegal Immigration
– They Come to America II: The Cost of Amnesty
– They Come to America III: The Cost of Obama’s Legacy
– A Day At Bundy’s
– We Ride to DC
– United States of Tents

(2) Upcoming films:
-They Come to America IV: The Cost of Politics (complete, Sep release)
DML exposes the toxic San Diego border and the impact it’s having on our future.

-United States of Immigrants (complete, Oct release)
DML & Mike Cutler expose the broken immigration system

-Digital Destruction (complete, Nov release)
DML & Dr K. expose the dangers of Facebook, smart phones and gaming

-Politics & Parkland (in production,  Feb release)
DML & Andy Pollack provide insight into the Parkland mass shooting 2017

-Fighting For Trump (in production, April release)
DML tells the story of how Trump was elected and the importance of his reelection


– DML LIVE replay (M,W,F)
– DML Guest Interview replay (T)
– DML & Cutler replay (Th)

– DML Sunday Chat (Su)
DML speaks with a member of TeamDML

– DML Emails (T,F)
DML answers TeamDML member emails

– DML Report (Sa morning)
DML provides insight on a specific person, place or topic

– WINE & TALK (Sa evening)
DML and his wife Miss Mary discuss lifestyles and family issues over a glass of vino.

– Powered by the DMLnewsApp, get news without the ads 24/7/365.

– Much like Facebook, offers a social media experience that is free of advertisements and trolls.  Freedom of speech is on full display 24/7/365

– Each day, DML provides a morning message to all members with updates on daily activities taking place on

– Held once per year in Florida, DML and his staff host a LIVE show and meet & greet reception for TeamDML member and their family and friends.

– Discounted products for all TeamDML members.

– When available, DML hosts LIVE programs on Facebook which are then posted to

*More programming is being developed.


– DML LIVE VIDEO (Monday, Wed, Friday)
– DML LIVE replay on podcasts
– Access to TeamDML store
– Access to TeamDML LIVE CHAT 24/7
– (New in 2020) Access to online rentals: Watch DML Films & Series for a fee
– Access to TeamDML daily alerts and schedule posts
– Access to Facebook Videos
– Access to annual DML Meet & Greet (full price ticket)

– DML LIVE VIDEO (Monday, Wed, Friday)
– DML & CUTLER: They Come to America Interview (Thursday)
– DML Sunday Chat podcast
– DML Report podcast (Saturday mornings)
– DML & MISS MARY Wine & Talk (Saturday evenings Sept thru June)
– DML Emails podcast (Tuesday & Friday)
– Access to TeamDML store
– Access to TeamDML LIVE CHAT 24/7, Groups, Pages
– Online viewing: DML Films, DML Shows, DML Guest Interviews
– Access to TeamDML daily alerts and schedule posts
– Access to Facebook Videos
– Access to annual DML Meet & Greet (discounted tickets)

Everything listed in the PREMIUM membership, PLUS…
– Preview of new DML Films before they launch
– Access to annual DML Meet & Greet private dinner reception
– Access to monthly advisor conference call
– Sponsorship of two members on the Buddy List

(a) On August 1, 2019, TeamDML members can login and begin planning for 2020.
(b) memberships have NOTHING to do with the Facebook 99cent club.

GO TO and LOGIN to buy today.

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