Inmate Refuses Obama Clemency Deal

A federal inmate in Texas says “Thanks but no thanks” to President Obama’s clemency offer.

Arnold Ray Jones, 50, could have walked out of  his minimum security prison in the city of Beaumont, southeastern Texas, in two years under President Obama’s order.

Jones applied for the president’s clemency program for low-level drug offenders and received his acceptance on August 3.

For some reason, never explained by Jones, he decided to decline the deal, which came with a caveat requiring him to enroll in a residential drug treatment program. This is a condition placed on all of President Obama’s clemency offers.

Jones will be released anyway in April of 2019 if he behaves in prison and earns his good behavior credits.

Obama has made 92 clemency deals with prisoners during his presidency.

There has been some criticism to President Obama’s mandatory drug treatment program requirement. Critics feel it places an unfair pressure on prisoners with addiction issues.


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