Interviews with College Students – This Will Scare You

According to these kids, the American dream is all about free stuff… and socialism.

Campus Reform quizzed several California college students at UCLA recently on what is their definition of the American dream, who are they supporting for president and why?

They couldn’t define the American dream – at least not with any definition that would sound familiar to anyone over 40.   Perhaps most chilling was their lack of passion, enthusiasm or hope when the question was asked.

When asked who they were supporting for President, one after another they chanted, “Bernie Sanders.”

Except for this one:  “I think the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, who is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party is the biggest hope for humanity.”

Free stuff is what attracts them to Sanders – free college education, free universal healthcare, and a higher minimum wage.

“He wants to destruct capitalism,” said one girl, sincerely believing that would be a good thing.

“Bernie Sanders can relate to us,” said another.    Republican candidates, take note.


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