Investigation of NYC Mayor Has Staff Nervous

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Contributed by Jeff Lucas

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s aides are now living in fear that one of them could be ‘sacrificed’ to the feds over his fund-raising operations during his 2013 campaign.

In a recent quote from the New York Post, it is indicated that New York City Hall staff believe ‘someone is going to be sacrificed.’

“It’s tough to see how the mayor walks in there, turns to [U.S. Atty. Preet Bharara], and says ‘I’m innocent. I did nothing wrong. My staff is innocent. They did nothing wrong,’” the source explained. “He’s got to give them something.”

Bharara convened a grand jury in December to look into the mayor’s alleged corruption. In addition to potentially benefiting his campaign, investigators are probing whether donors gave money-for-favors to de Blasio’s now defunct non-profit 501c4 organization, Campaign for One New York.

The NY Post reported that de Blasio agreed to the interview and answered state prosecutors’ questions on Jan. 25 involving a separate probe into whether election law was broken when his campaign team funneled money through upstate county committees to help Democrats win the state Senate in 2014.

There is a significant suspicion surrounding actions of providing gifts and trips to police officers by two influential de Blasio donors in exchange for police provided escorts.

In other areas, the FBI and prosecutors have widened their questioning scope to include other business leaders, city employees, and campaign workers to find more evidence of pay-to-play schemes.

H/T: New York Post


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