IRAN plotted to attack US Naval base

Ryan Mauro, the national security analyst for the Clarion Project, appeared on “The Truth” Tuesday night and told host Dennis Michael Lynch that the mainstream media failed to report on an Iranian plot to attack a U.S. Naval base.

“The U.S. has an ally in the small country of Bahrain, which most people don’t know about, and that’s why you won’t see this story in the mainstream media,” said Mauro.

Bahrain is under constant threat of being attacked by Iran, according to Mauro, who says Iran is continually trying to arm terrorists in an effort to attack the country.

“After Bahrain wrapped up the latest Iranian sleeper cell, what they found was that those Iranian operatives were conducting surveillance in preparation of an attack on a U.S. Naval base in Bahrain,” explained Mauro. “Iran is at war with us … most people don’t realize that. But, when you try to attack another country, you’re at war with that country, so imagine what they’ll do if they ever get nuclear weapons.”

According to Mauro, “The announcement came after Bahrain arrested 14 terror suspects, 11 of which were allegedly trained directly by Iran and its barely-concealed puppets. Six were trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), five by the Iraqi branch of Hezbollah, and three got their training inside Bahrain.”

Mauro went on to say that the Obama administration was foiled by the Iranians.

According to Mauro, although Iran agreed to stop its nuclear program, it continues to develop its missiles because they’ll need missiles in order to launch a nuclear attack at some point.

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