Iran: The U.S. is Weakening

Celebrating the date of the 1979 US embassy siege in Iran, senior Iranian military official and deputy Revolutionary Guards commander Hossein Salami declared the “strong decline” of the United States. Salami before thousands gathered outside Tehran claimed:

“America is no longer number one and the first power of the world. America’s political will can no longer manage political and military development in… the world of Islam. America’s political power has strongly declined. Our fight with the Americans will continue… Pursuing our ideals in the world of Islam and in Iran, we will recognize no stopping point or red line.”

Protesters on Thursday during the embassy siege anniversary chanted the traditional rallying cries of “Death to America” and “Death to the House of Saud,” referencing to Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia. Salami then addressed the crowd by warning the US not to criticize Iran’s ballistic missiles system, stating its “the real center of our power (that) must be strengthened.”

A few pictures from the annual America-condemnation celebration can be viewed below:



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