Iranian Propaganda Depicts the Death of American Military

A released propaganda video by an Iranian news network shows a US naval fleet being sunk by a tsunami-styled tidal wave. The disturbing footage of depicted death of Americans also features the burning of an American flag, and includes the caption “I will break your legs into pieces.” The video clip is titled ‘Steadfastness 2’, and was professionally produced by the country’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his administration, according to Middle East Media Research Center (MEMRI).

The start of the video shows a young boy watching a plane being gunned down by a US warship after playfully enjoying a game of soccer with a friend. It gets even more dark and disturbing as Iranian men then begin marching, outcrying chants of anti-American rhetoric.

The force of the Iranian-flag waving mens’ anger and patriotism creates an apocalyptic tidal wave which swallows the Naval fleet. Helicopters in the sky are also engulfed. Then, an American flag is seen burning at the end of the clip, where the Iranians then jeer in satisfaction.

The video comes after tensions arose last week involving four Iranian vessels conducting a “high speed intercept” of American warship USS Nitze near the Persian Gulf.

The disturbing video can be watched below:


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