Iran’s Oil Production Booms After Obama’s Nuclear Deal

One year after President Obama signed a nuclear deal with Iran, the country’s oil production increased by more than 300%, according to Daily Caller.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, was said to be signed in order to limit Iran’s ability to create a nuclear weapon.  Many critics, including President-elect Donald Trump, believe the deal gave Iran too much leverage, with no benefits for the U.S.  Trump recently said they will “renegotiate” the deal when he takes office.

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Since the deal, Daily Caller reports Iran has increased oil production from 870,000 to 3.67 million barrels a day.  The same report said that with production booming, Iran plans to get investment partners to help improve and make the most of their oil fields.

Many concerns with Iran stem over their hostility towards the West. The Daily Caller brought to attention the recent event when Iranian ships harassed U.S. Navy vessels.  The country has also supported dictator, and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad as well as the Houthi rebellion in Yemen.


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