IRS Denies Tax Exempt Status To Tea Party Groups After 7 Years

After waiting almost seven years to receive nonprofit status, two Tea Party groups have been denied the by the IRS.

The Albuquerque Tea Party first applied for this status in December of 2009, and after delaying Tea Party cases for years, the IRS was under orders from a federal judge to finally tackle the cases.

The IRS denied the status to both the Albuquerque Tea Party and Tri Cities Tea Party from Washington, but did approve one group called Unite in Action from Michigan.

There are still two pending cases, including the Texas Patriots Tea Party as part of a class action lawsuit.

“It is clear that we still have an IRS that is corrupt and incapable of self-correction,” Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice told the Washington Times.

The IRS admitted in court that it singled out the tea party groups because of their political viewpoints, and forced them to go through hurdles that other groups didn’t face, the Times reported.

The groups that were denied still have the ability to appeal the decision, but due to the political nature of the IRS, it may take years of fighting just to receive another politically motivated denial.


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