Is a Landslide Victory in the Cards for Donald Trump?

Trump event april 2016

With recent polls coming under fire for suspected inaccuracy, according to Gateway Pundit, social media stats and numbers tell the tale concerning the likely outcome of the 2016 presidential election, not the polls.

Donald Trump’s numbers, on every level, surpass Hillary Clinton’s numbers all over social media.

On Facebook alone, Trump has 10,174,358 Likes, while Clinton has just 5,385,959 Likes – that’s not even close.

This pattern repeats itself on Facebook, with Trump’s live stream posts having 1.5 million views.  Hillary Clinton, 321,000 views.

Reddit shows nearly 200,000 subscribers for Trump, while Hillary has less than 25,000.

Youtube continues this trend – Donald Trump, 30,000 live viewers per stream.  Hillary Clinton, just 500 live viewers per stream.

According to USA Today, “Social media has made a bigger impact in this election cycle than any other in history, both for breaking news and as a way for citizens to directly connect to candidates… “

USA Today also points out that on Twitter, Donald Trump, once again, surpasses Hillary Clinton with over 10. 6 million followers.  Hillary Clinton, just 8.1 million.   USA Today also notes that ‘Offering the personal touch has clearly helped Donald Trump greatly grow his audience.’

Donald Trump appears to utilize social media more effectively, posting more often than Hillary Clinton, perhaps satisfying voters with more of aforementioned ‘direct contact,’ via social media.


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