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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.40.08 PMWe received a message from a reader.

A friend of mine took his son to look at Adelphi University on Long Island.  He sent me a cellphone photo of the magazine the school is handing out to guests.  The caption he sent was, “Imagine the outrage if the cover showed a woman wearing a necklace with a cross.”

So, I took to the Internet and went to the Adelphi website and saw a girl wearing a Hijab.  Next to her image in a caption, “Why I wear the Hijab.”  It links to an article promoting Islam.  Imagine if the home page offered a student wearing a cross, and the caption read, “Why I wear the cross.” Imagine if it lead to an article about how much the student loves Jesus.

Imagine is right.  It would never be allowed.  There is a double standard in America when it comes to religion and it’s all based on political correctness.  I think the pictures speak for themselves when determining who it is that benefits from the double standard.




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