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No wonder Paul Ryan “isn’t ready yet” to support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump! 

Breitbart has exposed alarming similarities between Ryan’s positions on trade and immigration and those of Hillary Clinton.

MORE FOREIGN MIGRATION:   Speaker Ryan is an advocate for open borders.  In 2013, Ryan joined sides with Marco Rubio and Obama’s amnesty and immigration expansion plan.  He has passed a spending bill that included increasing the number of low-skilled foreign workers and funded visas for nearly 300,000 Muslim migrants for 2016 alone.

Ryan and Clinton both have lavished praise and admiration for Rep. Luis Gutierrez and his pro-immigration stance.

Ryan and Clinton both supported the failed amnesty plan in 2007 sponsored by McCain and Kennedy.

Clinton has also hugely supported the Muslim refugee resettlement, amnesty for illegals, and increasing number of foreign workers.

MORE FOREIGN TRADE:  Clinton and Ryan both have been strong supporters of global trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Ryan claims international trade supports tens of millions of jobs in the US.  Interestingly, while Donald Trump did lose the state of Wisconsin in the GOP primary, he WON Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville.

MORE FOREIGN MILITARY ENGAGEMENTS:  Again, Clinton and Ryan are in agreement.

As Breitbart News has previously reported, “Ryan Republicanism promotes policies that would start foreign wars in the Middle East and then would bring the refugees of those wars into the United States. In this sense, Ryan Republicans are launching a Democratic experiment on two fronts: not only do they seek to nation build and make the world safe for Democracy abroad, but they also seek to import large flows of migrants, who have no history of Democracy and limited government, into the country to see if they can seamlessly integrate into our Democracy here.”


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