ISIS advocates produce “kill list”

The United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), a hacking group associated with ISIS, published a video message calling for the deaths of President Trump and the United States, as well as naming specific politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, and Muslims.

In total, the UCC listed more than 8,700 individuals, to include addresses and emails, living in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

In the video, ISIS associates said, “Kill them wherever you find them.”

The recorded message promised to unveil more home addresses of those considered “infidels.” The malicious announcement also promoted lone-wolf-style attacks.

The following message was included:

“We have a message to the people of the US and most importantly your President Trump. Know that we continue to wage war against you. Know that your counter attacks only make us stronger. The UCC will start a new step in this war against you. So expect us soon Insha Allah! We will release as list with over 8,000 names, addresses and email addresses of those who fight against us. Kill them wherever you find them.”

H/T: The Sun


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