ISIS Bomb Found Near U.S. Embassy in Philippines

At the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines on Monday, police discovered and detonated a home-made bomb that was placed in a nearby trash can. According to authorities, they believe the likely culprits were ISIS militants.

A street sweeper named Winniefreda Francisco happened upon the bomb after finding a cellphone attached to a bottle-like cylinder wrapped in black tape. According to statements made to the Associated Press and police, there was complex wiring connecting the cylinder to the phone.

According to National police chief Ronald dela Rosa, the device’s structure and build suggested it could have been designed and planted by the Muslim rebel group Maute. This group has recently pledged allegiance to ISIS, and in recent days Maute soldiers have been in gunfire standoffs with the military at the country’s southern end. “We could theorize that they could use this as a diversion,” dela Rosa told a news conference.

Similar components found in this bomb were also found in a Sept. 2 bombing in Davao, which killed 15 people died and wounded about 70. Maute was behind this attack as well. The embassy has yet to release a statement on the situation.

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