ISIS Claims Responsibility For Baghdad Suicide Bombings

At least 20 people were killed and many wounded from two suicide bombings in Baghdad on Sunday.

In the first attack, a driver detonated a car full of explosives at the Alwat-Jamila market in the Shi’ite neighborhood of eastern Baghdad’s Sadr City. At least 13 people were killed.

Police say the bomber was spotted and security forces opened fire on him, but were unable to stop the attack.



In the second attack, a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest blew himself up at a market in the Shi’ite neighborhood of al-Baladiyat. At least seven people were killed.

The two attacks wounded at least 50 people.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in online statements, saying the bombers had targeted Shi’ites.

According to Newsweek, in just over a week, attacks in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities have killed over 80 people.


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