ISIS Planning a Chemical Attack in Britain

Britain’s Minister of State for Security has issued a warning that ISIS is planning a chemical attack on Britain.

Minister of State for Security Ben Wallace said Britain is conducting exercises in anticipation of a possible attack involving chemicals.

ISIS is capable of producing their own mustard gas and has already used it in the Middle East.


Effects of Mustard Gas

Troops fighting against ISIS have been left with severe injuries, including horrible blisters on their skin and lungs damaged by the gas.


Ben Wallace – Britain’s Minister of State for Security

Wallace told a local newspaper, “They have no moral objection to using chemical weapons against populations and, if they could, they would in this country.”

Wallace has asked his citizens to keep vigilant and report any suspicious behaviors to identify “the enemy within,” fearing that “foreign agents could be corrupted by criminal gangs.”

Wallace said, “There are traitors. The insider threat, as we would call it, is real and can be exploited and there are people trying to do that as we speak. If it’s hard to get in the front door, then what you try and do is get someone on the inside.”

Earlier this year, the head of  Morocco’s counter-terrorism, Abdelhak Khiame, claimed that his unit had averted 25 ISIS plots in his country in the past year, including one in February involving mustard gas.

Khiame said, “ISIS terrorists have tried to create chemical weapons abroad and are hoping to one day use them to attack Europe.”

Britain is on high alert and troops were warned this operation could be one of the most important in the regiment’s 75-year history. More than 3,000 officers patrol the British capital with guns and bomb dogs and, for the first time, armed police were on the London Underground network.

H/T: Daily Mail


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