ISIS Recruiting African Americans After Dallas & Baton Rouge Attacks

Seizing their moment, the Islamic State is now targeting the black communities in the U.S. for new recruits, promising that they don’t discriminate by skin color or sect.

Jihadists jump on social media urging African Americans to “join their version of Islam to help wage war on the U.S. government,” reported World Tribune.

One message read: “It’s only Allah’s Shari’ah that doesn’t distinguish between mankind only by their deeds, not by their skin color or sect.”

The New Black Panther Party has strong ties to the “Nation of Islam” organization.  The co-founder of the New Black Panther Party is Dallas, Babu Omowale, is also the co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, a black militant group.

The Dallas gunman, Micah Xavier Johnson, who killed 5 police officers, had liked pages on Facebook relating to the Nation of Islam, as well as the New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.

It is being reported that the Baton Rouge shooter, Gavin Eugene Long, who murdered 3 policemen, was also a Nation of Islam member, according to his own admission.

ISIS has reached out to blacks after several uprisings, including the Ferguson riot in 2014, sending out Twitter messages such as:

“Hey blacks, ISIS will save you.”

“Islam is the solution!” Islam “does not differentiate… we are all brothers in religion.”


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