ISIS severs man’s foot for theft conviction

ISIS has published photos of its operatives severing a man’s foot as punishment under Sharia law for a conviction of theft.

The Syrian citizen was arrested by the Islamic State affiliate Khaled Bin Waleed, which is active in the triangle area between the borders of Israel, Jordan and Syria. Pictures reveal the prisoner being transferred in a jeep belonging to the organization marked “General Police.” Masked men lead the accused—who is missing his right hand due to a previous theft conviction—into a square where a crowd awaits.

The masked men are then shown severing the accused’s left foot, after which medics attend to him.

Conversely, ISIS published photos from the district of Kirkuk in Iraq depicting vibrant life in the city of Hweija’s markets. Other photos featured IS operatives distributing flour to the poor and removing rubble from homes damaged in international coalition airstrikes near Raqqa.

ISIS also published photos of its fighters supposedly capturing a Kurdish base where the Islamic State says U.S. soldiers are usually based. ISIS claimed that five Iraqi suicide bombers attacked bases near the city of Kirkuk, blowing themselves up following a two-hour exchange of heavy gunfire with Kurdish and American forces.



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