ISIS To Target Beaches

Beach vendors 1

Disguised as beach vendors, terrorists will be hard to spot, hard to stop.

The Islamic State is not contained.  The Islamic State is growing around the world.  The Islamic State is dead set on killing everything and everyone that does not agree with their Islamic ideology.  That said…

Newsweek reports that information obtained from German daily newspaper Bild indicated ISIS operatives are planning to attack Mediterranean tourist hotspots, with French, Spanish and Italian resorts among the most vulnerable.

Bild said that the jihadis could pose as refugees selling ice-cream, soft drinks or t-shirts on popular beach fronts before conducting attacks, or could plant bombs under sunloungers. It said that the intelligence came from a “credible source” in Africa who claimed that ISIS agents had “concrete plans” for major beach attacks.

It is a serious threat, due to the visa-free travel allowances within the European Union.

Newsweek also reported that Spanish police arrested a Moroccan national on Tuesday in Palma de Mallorca, a city on the popular Balearic island of Mallorca. He is accused of links to ISIS leadership and for encouraging attacks in Spain and across Europe.   Police said he had used the Internet to boost ISIS recruitment, send radical Islamists abroad and push others to commit attacks in Spain and across Europe.



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