Islamic Terrorist Group Decapitate Canadian Family Man in the Philippines

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The Philippines National Police have confirmed a decapitated head found near a cathedral on the island of Jolo was that of Canadian Robert Hall, 68., who was executed by Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf last week.

Hall was captured by Abu Sayyaf in September 2015 with three others and was killed after a ransom deadline was failed to be paid by the Canadian government. Samples taken from the head matched the DNA profile of Hall supplied by a Canadian forensics laboratory.

After the beheading, Hall’s family said that they initially supported Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s directive that money should not be paid to hostage takers.

“Our family, even in our darkest hour, agrees wholeheartedly with Canada’s policy of not paying ransom,” the Hall family said in a statement.

Hall’s death came after fellow Canadian John Ridsel was also executed by Abu Sayyaf in April.


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