Israel Arrests 13 Arson Suspects in Jerusalem Fire

Bloomberg reports the arrest on Friday of 13 Arson suspects for the massive fires in Jerusalem.

The Israel police have arrested a total of 13 Arson suspects responsible for the massive fires now burning throughout Jerusalem for the last several days.

Bloomberg also said Israeli police chief Roni Alsheich said that “where arson was the cause, it was likely “nationalist,” a phrase authorities use to describe attacks by Arabs”.

On November 24, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said any proof of arson would be treated as ‘terror.”

Bloomberg stated that “Residents of towns in the Jerusalem Mountains were evacuated on Friday while dozens of houses were burned down. Israel accepted offers of firefighting help from Egypt and Jordan. The Fires have forced tens of thousands of Israelis from their homes in the past four days, with officials saying many began almost simultaneously and were probably due to arson.”

While most of the blazes seem to be under control, firefighters are worried strong winds could reignite them.

“I’ve accepted the offer of help in putting out the fires from Egypt and Jordan,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter. “Egypt will send two firefighting helicopters and Jordan will send fire trucks.”



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