ISRAELI Soldier in Trouble For Shooting Terrorist

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The IDF released new details over the weekend about the investigation into the shooting death of a Palestinian stabber in Hebron on Thursday.  The Palestinian was one of two men who attacked Israeli troops near Tel Rumeida, wounding one soldier. The two assailants were shot; one was killed on the spot, the other shot to death later.

The case sparked controversy after a video (seen below) surfaced showing the soldier shooting the wounded Palestinian stabber in the head. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday criticized the soldier’s actions as immoral and in contravention of the army’s rules of engagement and ethical code.

Supporters of the soldier, including his family, have slammed those statements as a public “lynching.”  Our son is not the terrorist. Our son is the soldier,” one family member told reporters over the weekend. The soldier has argued that he believed the Palestinian likely had a suicide bomb belt on him. One video from the scene shows civilian medics and officers warning soldiers to assume the Palestinian had explosives on him, and to stay away from him until a sapper arrives.

Immediately after the shooting, the company commander conducted an inquiry during which the soldier reportedly told him that the assailant “deserved to die,” the army said. The battalion commander then filed a report that characterized the incident as “irregular” and deserving of an investigation.

On Saturday evening, the soldier’s sister said the State of Israel “stabbed him in the back and abandoned him.” She said the clip of the incident “presents a one-sided version of events, and from that moment on, we hear the leaders of the country judging him, delivering their verdict and all that’s left is to execute him without even letting him defend himself.”

VIDEO (Warning, graphic images)


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