Jake Tapper: CNN Doesn’t Care What Trump Thinks (Video)

In an interview with “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert, CNN’s Jake Tapper said CNN does not care that President Trump thinks very little of the network and the lies the president says it tells.

Tapper, who is making a habit off slamming the Trump administration, criticized the president for his attacks on Nordstrom, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and judges.  

“I think our coverage follows his lead,” said Tapper.

According to Tapper, it’s the president’s inability to pivot from candidate to president that forces himself and CNN to report what President Trump calls “fake news.”

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Tapper said, “I would be delighted, frankly, to cover the policies more…, but there is this whole other thing going on with this White House.”

Colbert cut off Tapper and asked if the White House is “leakier” than others have been in the past.

Tapper answered, “Yes.” According to Tapper, it usually takes years for a White House to become “leaky” but with Trump, it’s happened in two weeks.

Watch the interview below:


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