Japanese Prime Minister Publicly Ridicules Obama at Event

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President Obama’s trip to Japan this week started off an extremely awkward and rocky start. Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe publicly ridiculed Obama at a G7 summit press conference on Wednesday over the murder of a 20-year-old woman allegedly committed by an American military contractor in Okinawa.

“I feel profound resentment against this self-centered and absolutely despicable crime,” Abe said at the press conference on Wednesday. This case has shocked not only Okinawa, but also deeply shocked the entire Japan. I conveyed to the President that such feelings of Japanese people should be sincerely taken to heart. I also urged the United States to make sure to take effective and thorough means to prevent a recurrence, and vigorously and strictly address the situation,” Abe said in his address to Obama.

Obama’s response statement was rather lackluster and insincere. In the video, you can see Obama barely working up the effort to convey any presidential sincerity.

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