Jenner Goes To The Ladies Room At Trump Tower in NYC

Publicity stunt accomplished, video included. Watch if you can.

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner – now transgender TV star “Caitlyn Jenner” posted a video of a visit to the ladies restroom at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York.  

In a deep male voice, Jenner, 66, announced his intention while entering the hotel, then gleefully said, “Not anymore” as he walked right past the men’s restroom and on to the ladies’ room.

Upon exiting, Jenner said thank you to Donald Trump and added, “Oh, by the way Ted, nobody got molested.”

The stunt was done in response to a recent Townhall interview with Donald Trump on the TODAY show, when he was asked, during a discussion about the “transgender bathroom law in North Carolina, if it was ok for Caitlyn Jenner to use the ladies room at Trump Tower?   Trump said yes.   He clarified later that he felt local communities and states should make the decision, but that the issue would’ve been better left alone.

Ted Cruz is in support of the North Carolina law.



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