Jill Stein Files to Recount Michigan

Green party presidential nominee, Jill Stein, has officially filed to begin a recount in the state of Michigan.

Stein announced a fundraising drive last week in order to pay for the recounts and raised more money in five days than she raised for her entire presidential campaign. As of her last reporting, she had raised $6.5 million, more than her initial goal of $5 million.

As of Wednesday, Stein’s new goal was to raise $9.5 million because the state of Wisconsin increased their filing fees above the original estimate.

Stein filed a request for a full recount of the state’s 4.8 million ballots at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. She once again asked for a recount by hand, a request she also made in Wisconsin that was denied, reported the Washington Examiner.

Stein has sparked recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and a selection of precincts in Pennsylvania over the last week. She has said she doesn’t expect to change the results of the election in those states, which President-elect Trump won by mere thousands of votes, but wants to ensure each vote is counted.

Stein has claimed there are “irregularities” with the vote counting machines used in each state despite experts saying those machines are secure.

The recount in Michigan should be finished by Dec. 10. State law in Wisconsin requires that state’s recount to be finished by Dec. 13.


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