Jill Stein is Tied with a Gorilla in Presidential Polls

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The liberals by the day are becoming more and more of a joke. After Bernie Sanders threw in the towel and sold his soul to Hillary Clinton with an endorsement for her presidency, many highly progressive liberals and self-acclaimed socialists turned to Green Party candidate Jill Stein as a Plan B option in order to continue the “Feel the Bern” movement.

So how well is Stein doing? Well, she’s polling at 2%, making her tied with Harambe, the deceased gorilla…

Yep. That is who the third party liberals are clinging to. While third party candidate and Libertarian Gary Johnson is at least starting to hit double digit numbers in some polls, Stein is competing against the gorilla who was killed earlier this summer after a young boy fell into his habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo.

After Harambe’s death, he became a humorous internet meme and public fascination, so much so that people think he’s just as qualified as progressive Stein to be president. The Green Party contender, who is highly anti-science and has weird theories about WiFi melting your brain, is actually polling worse than Deez Nuts.

Deez Nuts? Yes. Deez Nuts is a fictional presidential candidate who is ahead of Stein (and Harambe) in Texas polling numbers. Created by an Iowa teen out of amusement, “Nuts” currently has the support of 3 percent of voters, beating out Stein by 1%.

So there you have it Bernie fans and loyalists: your Plan B option’s biggest fight right now is against a dead gorilla and a childish teenager behind a computer. Good luck.


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