Jim Carrey Accused Of Hiring Private Investigators In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Brigid Sweetman, the mother of Catriona White is accusing Jim Carrey of hiring private investigators to “dig up dirt” on her family.

This all comes after Sweetman filed a lawsuit against Carrey on Monday, claiming he was responsible for White’s suicide in September 2015 by giving her STD’s, supplying her with the prescription drugs that she overdosed on, as well as “abusing” her throughout their relationship.

Lawyers working for Sweetman said on Thursday that family friends had approached by former LAPD detectives.

The detectives allegedly left their business cards after asking questions “designed to get them to speak badly about the grieving family.”


Sweetman says she will drop the lawsuit if Carrey admits to giving White herpes and chlamydia before her death:

“If they publicly release and publish the full Quest Diagnostics lab report for the blood sample Carrey gave on Jan. 28, 2013 at 11:40 a.m. under the name ‘Jose Lopez’ and if it shows Carrey did not test positive for STDs, I will immediately dismiss the case and apologize.”


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