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Adult film star Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels), who has made allegations that she had a brief relationship with President Trump 12 years ago, set up a crowd funding site Thursday, asking the public to help pay her legal fees.

One day later, Clifford/Daniels has already received over $168,000 in donations from over 5,000 people.

Clifford writes on her crowdfunding site: “I am attempting to speak honestly and openly to the American people about my relationship with now President Donald Trump, as well as the intimidation and tactics that he, together with his attorney Michael Cohen, have used to silence me.

“In order to tell my story, I have had to file a public lawsuit in Los Angeles, California in an effort to void a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that Mr. Trump never signed and yet is trying to use to intimidate me.”

She adds, “I need funds to pay for:  attorneys’ fees; out-of-pocket costs associated with the lawsuit, arbitration, and my right to speak openly; security expenses; and damages that may be awarded against me if I speak out and ultimately lose to Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen.”

On his show Thursday night, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel made a pitch to his audience to help the Trump accuser out by donating to her legal fund.

“So now you can give money to a porn star, just like the president of the United States,” declared Kimmel.

“In 24 hours, she raised more than $135,000,” he continued. “I never thought giving money to a porn star would be considered an act of patriotism, but then again I never thought a guy who got into a Twitter war with Cher would become president. And remember, every dollar you donate potentially brings us one step closer to seeing photos that will haunt our dreams forever.”

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