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President-elect Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, penned a Thanksgiving op-ed published on Thursday wishing everyone a happy holiday, even if people are apart from family amid the pandemic.

The incoming first couple also thanked frontline health care workers, educators and researchers.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This year, our turkey will be smaller and the clatter of cooking a little quieter. There will be no family walks in the cold or playful bickering amongst the grandkids. Like millions of Americans, we are temporarily letting go of the traditions we can’t do safely,” they wrote in an op-ed published in CNN.

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  1. Whatever!!! Biden (Pudding Brain) and his Nanny wife are Liars. They are hypocrites!! But then again Joe favor place is the Basement and I HAVE figure out why he likes it so much he has LITTLE GIRLS in CAGE!!!! Biden stated would not accept the WIN until all LEGAL VOTES were counted well that was a lie. Now he is working on his STAFF from the BASEMENT he has HIRED EVERY CROOK known ( accept For Hiliary Clinton) I bet she is somewhere in this mix of all this corruption and crap!!! Let’s get off the soapbox about Biden (Pudding Brain) and move to his Partner in Crime Kamala. If it is SURE WIN and BELIEVABLE WIN why has she not left her SIT in the SENATE??? Kamala Spouce is a conflict of interest Because he is involved with CHINA. I am SICK of hearing she is the FIRST WOMAN to be VICE PRESIDENT and she made HISTORY, the only HISTORY is VOTER FRAUD!!! I am going to ENJOY my DAY with my FAMILY and CHERISH the MOMENTS of TRADITION!!!

  2. What a truly terrible statement! Cruel and such a crock of s***! Being alone during the holidays or any time has damaging effects. With their billions of dollars they simply have no clue. The Biden’s repulse me.

  3. I don’t think Biden is ever alone in his mind. He doesn’t know what it feels like. He hears all his little voices and takes his meds.

  4. We’ve been asked to self-quarantine for most of 2020. I highly double spending 1 single day with family, who were doing the same thing, will change anything.

    It’s disgusting that politicians/gov’t think they care more about our health than ourselves. And they think they know more than actual doctors, whom are being censored on the matter. If they truly want to “follow the science” then why shutdown outdoor dining when there is no proof of correlation between outdoor dining + covid case spikes? If masks supposedly work, why aren’t cases being flattened/down? The answer is: The science doesn’t support it. They use false science as a crutch and an excuse for unlimited power.

    Hydroxychloroquine is proven to be effective against the virus, yet the medicine/cure is BANNED in many countries around the world, saying it is “dangerous and will kill you”. But many doctors and medical experts attest the exact opposite. They say it works and can even save your life. Even former PATIENTS have claimed that Hydroxychloroquine saved their life. Real people with a real testimony. The reason why they would ban actually effective medicine is because they DON’T want people to get better. They want to control the MINDS of the people and keep them dependent on Govt and media propaganda. Why else would Youtube censor DOCTORS?! MEDICAL EXPERTS! Like DML said, why is it all of a sudden wrong to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion from other doctors?

    And if you do get the virus, the best thing they tell you is to self-quarantine, keep your hands washed and rest and you’ll get better. Well shit, if that’s all it takes to get better, why are we so scared of contracting it in the first place? Why wear a mask? I’d rather get the virus, rest for 2 weeks and be done with it and get my immunity to it. But they don’t want us to grown immune to it. Vaccine companies want to make money off of a vaccine we don’t need for a virus we have a 99.5+% survival rate. If you get the vaccine….who knows what they are putting inside that vaccine, who knows what they are putting inside of you. Probably something to either kill you (population control) or make you mentally docile/retarded or something. Don’t take it!


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