Jon Stewart Slams Trump And Republicans During Interview (Video)

In an interview with “CBS This Morning,” the former host of “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart shared his opinion on the results of the presidential election.

While doing so, he slammed President-elect Donald Trump, saying “he is not a Republican, he is a repudiation of Republicans. But they will reap the benefit of his victory, in all of their cynicism and all of their — I will guarantee you Republicans are going to come to Jesus now about the power of government.”

Stewart then went on to say “The thing that struck me odd about this election — and maybe I just missed it — was nobody asked Donald Trump: what makes America great?”

“America is an anomaly in the world,” he continued. “There are a lot of people — and I think [Trump’s] candidacy has animated that thought — that a multi-ethnic democracy, a multi-ethnic cultural democracy, is impossible.”

Stewart’s statements can be seen below:

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