Journalist who threatened Jewish centers is a known hoaxer

Juan Thompson, the former Intercept reporter accused of phoning in eight bomb threats to nationwide Jewish Community Centers, has a lifelong timeline of bending the truth.

Between lying about winning the lottery and vowing to disgrace his journalistic enemies, those who know Thompson have seen a strange history of lies unfold.

Ian D’Emilia, a Vassar College classmate and former roommate of Thompson, told the New York Post that the shamed journalist “told me I wouldn’t get a job once he was done with me.”

Following Thompson’s firing from The Intercept in 2016 for creating fake quotes and sources, D’Emilia was contacted by St. Louis-area reporter Doyle Murphy who was writing a story for the local in regards to his dismissal. After D’Emilia explained to Murphy that Thompson had “always been a bit weird,” Thompson waged cyber war against both D’Emilia and Murphy.

According to D’Emilia, he received a text message from Thompson. “He said that he’d tell my future employers that I’m a racist and homophobe,” D’Emilia explained. Leaving no stone unturned, Thompson also emailed D’Emilia’s current employer and graduate adviser in an attempt to further ostracize his former friend.

“He would lie for no reason,” D’Emilia said. “Almost to the point of there being something psychologically wrong with him.”

In October, Murphy received similar treatment from Thompson.

Realizing an email to her boss wasn’t sufficient, Thompson wrote an email directly to Murphy. “You are a white piece of sh– who lies and distorts to fit a narrative,” the email read.

“Thompson was pissed,” the River Front Times writer said. “He lied about the weirdest things,” Murphy wrote in an article on Friday.

According to the New York Post, some of those weird things included lying about a pending book deal with HarperCollins and fabricating made-up trips to Cuba and Senegal that Murphy believes Thompson tried to legitimize by using stock photos of the areas to post on social media.

Thompson, 31, is in jail awaiting further proceedings as he faces cyberstalking charges for calling in at least eight bomb threats to Jewish community centers.

In addition to calling in the hoax threats, he sent emails to authorities falsely claiming that his ex-girlfriend had phoned in the threats.

H/T: New York Post


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