Judge Makes Final Decision on Ferguson Protesters’ Lawsuit

This week, U.S. District Judge Henry Autrey has made a final ruling decision in a lawsuit between Ferguson rioters, the plaintiffs, and Missouri law enforcement, the defendants. And he has ruled in favor of the officers. In fact, he completely dismissed the rioters’ claimed “excessive force” lawsuit altogether.

The lawsuit claimed police had used excessive force on protesters and violated their civil rights. In the lawsuit, they claim the Ferguson police beat them, used tear gas, shot them with rubber bullets and arrested them illegally. The lawsuit demanded $40 million in compensation.

However, Judge Autrey was not buying their claim. “The nine plaintiffs have completely failed to present any credible evidence that any of the actions taken by these individuals were taken with malice or were committed in bad faith,” he said in his ruling. He further states no civil rights were violated since protesters had been given ample warnings to leave the premises, but chose to ignore those warnings and cause destruction to property.

The protesters will not accept the ruling, and have already filed a notice that they intend to appeal the ruling. “The decision was unfair and not consistent with applicable law,” Lattimer told NBC News. “This is a battle we will keep fighting. We will end it in the right way and get justice for these people.”


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