Judge Napolitano Says Clinton Could Be Indicted – or FBI Will Talk

Judge Napolitano 3

On Fox News’ Mornings With Maria, Judge Napolitano said if the Attorney General refuses to indict Hillary Clinton, many FBI agents will start leaking details of the investigation.

The Judge discussed a newly discovered email from Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, admitting they had been hacked and security features were being temporarily disabled.  

He said Clinton could be indicted for perjury, espionage, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and a number of other charges.

Judge gave just one example of the incidents under investigation:

“Frank Guistra – Bill’s good friend – a Canadian guy – wants to buy a uranium mine.  He needs the permission of the Secretary of State – she gives him permission to buy it.    He sold 80% of it to a sovereign entity owned by the Kremlin.   We don’t know what he sold it for, but within several weeks of that sale, he and his partners made a contribution to the Clinton Foundation of $145 MILLION.”




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