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After he was found guilty of running a sex trafficking operation for decades, disgraced former Kentucky judge and school board member Tim Nolan, 71, was sentenced to serve only 20 years in prison on Friday. He was also ordered to pay a measly $100,000 fine and will be eligible for parole in four years, reported.

The judge pleaded guilty to 21 counts of trafficking women and young girls in the sex trade industry.

Nolan served as a district court judge in the 1970’s and 80’s before voters in Campbell County elected him to serve on the school board in 2016.

Liberal media outlets are crowing about the fact that Nolan has been a Trump supporter.

According to Breitbart:

Nolan used threats of arrest and eviction to force women and under-age girls to perform sex acts, the charges stated. On Friday, he pleaded guilty to 21 counts for activities dating back to 2004.

In a desperate attempt to smear President Donald Trump, the New York Daily News took the opportunity of Nolan’s conviction to link him to the president in their headline. “Trump-backing former judge pleads guilty to human trafficking charges,” the New York newspaper wrote on Friday. Nolan was not charged in the case until well after the 2016 presidential campaign. reported that Nolan pleaded guilty to plying victims with drugs, housing at least one woman, and threatening his sex slaves with arrest and eviction.

Officials did not disclose how Nolan became involved in human trafficking. His attorney Margo Grubbs, suggested the current change in political climate regarding the “power differential between men and women” could be the blame for Nolan’s guilty plea, the Cincinnati news outlet reported.

“I’m saying the underlying facts as alleged by victims do not necessarily equate to what really happened, because we all know in life there are two sides to every story,” Grubbs told reporters following Nolan’s sentencing. “The sad part of it is, often times the criminal defendant finds themselves at an insurmountable obstacle in order to prove complete innocence.”

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