Julian Assange’s Internet Cut Off by State Party, Could Also be Dead


On the heels of Wikileaks releasing the 9th batch of emails hacked from the account of Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had his internet disconnected by an outside source on Monday, most likely by a “state party.” A contingency plan was initiated by the act from the WikiLeaks Twitter account, and this plan can be activated upon the death of Assange, which as of right now is not ruled out.

Three cryptic tweets were sent out from the contingency plan’s activation: they referenced Secretary of State John Kerry, Ecuador and United Kingdom’s Foreign Commonwealth Office. Each name had a series of coded numbers attached.

Since the activated tweets were sent out, rumors and theories have been abound that Assange is dead. Currently, no word has been released on his immediate status. Reddit and Twitter users say that the tweeted numbers triggered a so-called “dead man’s switch,” and WikiLeaks has confirmed that such a measure does indeed exist in case something happens to Assange.

The mysterious tweets can be viewed below:


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