DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch has given us permission to offer a rare promotion for the month of July only, involving his most popular documentary films and the new “I Am Team DML” water bottles.

They Come to America I, II, and III: Produced by DML News CEO and documentary filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch, these powerful documentaries show you the border and the costs of illegal immigration in a way you’ve never seen before. The three films are now packaged into one complete DVD case, called the “TRILOGY.”

LIMITED TIME OFFER – For the MONTH OF JULY ONLY: Anyone who orders the Trilogy DVD set will receive a “I AM TEAM DML” water bottle FREE!

DML water bottle

Anyone who purchases the TRILOGY DVD set will also receive a second FREE TRILOGY set to send to the White House or Congress members, or share with a friend.

Quantities are limited – of both the DVD sets and the water bottles – and this special deal is available for the month of July only.

DML has two more films also available on DVD.  ‘We Ride to DC’ and ‘A Day at Bundy’s.’  If you order the TRILOGY, you can pick up both additional films for just $5 each. When ordering, please be sure to click the drop-down menu and select the option you prefer:

  • $45 – The Trilogy set ONLY (3 DVDs), including an extra set FREE
  • $55 – The Trilogy offer, PLUS the two additional films, “We Ride to DC” and “A Day at Bundy’s”
  • BOTH OPTIONS include the FREE water bottle for the month of July only.

To order online now, click the yellow ADD TO CART button below.

To pay via check, make it payable to TV360 and mail to this address:
PO Box 704
Amagansett, NY 11930.

Pick your choice from the drop down menu, and then click the yellow button.  You do not need a PAYPAL account to order.

Film choices

Below is a sneak preview video, which includes scenes from one of the documentaries featured in the TRILOGY DVD set. The scenes are from 2012, which give an eye-opening look at the daily dangers face by the U.S. Border Patrol – dangers that have only increased over the past five years.


Rita: These films are a necessity. Everyone and I mean everyone should see them. I never knew just how bad things were until I saw these documentaries. DML deserves so much credit for opening our eyes to the horror that’s happening. It must to be stopped. I feel so betrayed by our government. They sit in DC collecting their salaries, benefits, perks and retirement while not even knowing what’s really happening. Please you must see these immensely informative documentaries and share them. IMO you will never see anything this important concerning our country (and Europe deals with this too). God Bless DML for his hard work. I actually have tears in my eyes and hurt while writing this. It means that much to me. God Bless America – We Need God Back Full Force In Our Country

Mary: Just got them this weekend and I watched them all already! Very informative and at the same time, entertaining.

Sylvia: Ordered a second set. When they arrive both are going to President Trump.

Christine: I think I’m going to get a 3rd set just to help our team out.

Katherine: I have watched the Trilogy and worry about your safety. Please be careful, however, I do thank you for showing us the TRUTH!! I want all my friends to watch them too!

Dawn: These are MUST-SEE videos for all who are doubters about what’s going on at our borders (and inside).