A motion to consider a bill which would ban assault rifles and large capacity magazines was rejected by Florida lawmakers on Tuesday.

The motion, which comes less than a week after a 19-year-old man shot and killed 17 people at a Florida high school, was heard in the Florida House and rejected by a vote of   36-71.

The bill had previously been assigned to three committees and had not been scheduled for a hearing, according to the Associated Press.

Tuesday’s vote was to remove the bill from committee and let it be considered by the full House. The vote against that measure means the bill will not be considered this session, as the committees don’t meet again before March 9.

From The Hill: The vote, which effectively kills the bill for the legislative session ending on March 9, comes amid a major push for gun control reform in the wake of the Florida shooting.

Lawmakers, gun control advocates and student survivors of the Parkland shooting in recent days have urged Congress and the administration to implement tougher gun measures.

The report continues: Students from the school were present in the gallery and looked on as the House voted against considering the bill, according to Local10 News.

From News 13: Confounded students in the House gallery appeared shocked after the vote.

The students had been told that only GOP reforms already being considered had any chance of passing in the final three weeks of the current session.