Reports Thursday morning indicated that Kansas City was experiencing such an intense ice storm that flights across the board were being cancelled and delayed.

One city newspaper reported that airlines such as Delta, Southwest, American and United were all experiencing issues countering the storm.

The Kansas City Star reports the following:

“Ann Ngo tried to remain calm as she sat on a plane half a day, waiting to fly back to her home in Los Angeles. She stretched out on her seat. She sent selfies to family. She munched on the bit of cheese and pretzels provided by flight attendants.

She wondered, each of the several times the plane backed away from the gate, if it would finally take off.

It never did. The flight was among the many canceled or delayed during Tuesday’s ice storm, including Delta, Southwest, American and United flights. Exasperation spilled out on social media from flyers — and the problems may continue Thursday. KCI spokesman Joe McBride said passengers flying Thursday morning should check with their airlines for potential delays or cancellations as another ice storm approaches.

Delta received some of passengers’ most pointed ire as frustration mounted throughout the day.

In all, Ngo sat on the plane from 6:30 a.m. to about 6 p.m. Passengers were allowed off at various times to buy food, but Ngo described the day as her worst ever as a traveler.”

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