Kansas Hispanic Official Asked to Resign – Because She Supports Trump

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Executive Director of the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission, Adrienne Foster, has been asked to resign, due to comments she made on facebook in support of Donald Trump.

It started on March 3rd, when reporter Steve Kraske from the Kansas City Star posted a question on Facebook, asking for a Trump supporter to answer questions for a column he was writing.   Adrienne Foster answered his questions, and for that, she is being slammed by Democrat lawmakers and asked to resign.

Adrienne Foster, Executive Director of the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission

Adrienne Foster, Executive Director of the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission

Foster is a third-generation Latina, former Roeland Park Mayor, and a mother of five. She said the Republican Party needs to start embracing Hispanics.   She agrees with Trump that a wall is needed.   She has seen so many Latinos waiting patiently for 10 years or more to get a green card and become citizens. They’ve waited their turn.

“We don’t like people skipping the line,” she said. “I don’t teach my children that society owes you anything. You’ve got to earn everything, including your grades.”

Democratic Rep. Louis Ruiz from Kansas City and others, took umbrage at Foster’s comments.  “Look, she can support whomever she wants, but she’s appointed by the governor (Republican Sam Brownback) as a liaison to the Hispanic community, and these comments don’t represent the people,” Ruiz told Fox News Latino.

In addition to Ruiz, two other Democrats – John Alcala and Ponka-We Victors – sent a letter to Gov. Brownback objecting to Foster’s comments about Trump, saying they are “inaccurate and highly inflammatory and discriminatory.”

“Donald Trump has described Latin American immigrants as being killers, criminals, drug dealers and rapists, has called for the building of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and has even praised the beating of a Latin American man by [Trump] supporters,” the representatives wrote.

Ruiz said he couldn’t understand how a Latina, or anyone, could take a position counter to her own heritage.

“We can’t be silent,” he told FNL. “As Latinos, we’re too polite for our own good. She needs to resign. I equate these comments to World War II when Jews wore yellow stars but turned in other Jews or like the film ‘Django,’ the Samuel Jackson character who was a slave himself but enslaved others.”

Foster admitted, “It’s tough to be out front for Trump, especially in mainstream Johnson County.  It’s very risky for me.”

Apparently, she’s right.


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