Kasich Admits He Only Cares About Delegates, Not Voters

His strategy is not to win states, but to win over the delegates at the GOP convention.

In a CNN interview which aired on Sunday, John Kasich told CNN’s Dana Bash that he was only concerned about winning delegates – not states.   

“Winning is accumulating delegates,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday. “I don’t have to win the state, I have to accumulate delegates and have momentum going in.”

“To me, it’s continuing to accumulate delegates and going to that convention as the person standing who can beat Hillary… we’ll see what the delegates have to say,” Kasich said.

Dana reminded him he had only won in his home state of Ohio.   Kasich brushed that off as a non-issue.   “Seriously, we are going to nominate someone who can win in the fall.”   He said his team has put together a message that appeals to blue-collar conservative Democrats and Independents.

“WE” are going to nominate someone….   


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