Kasich Calling It Quits, Pulling Out of Republican Race

A Kasich campaign official has confirmed that Ohio Governor John Kasich will be suspending his campaign Wednesday afternoon, leaving Donald Trump as the sole candidate to secure the Republican nomination.

Kasich reportedly has cancelled a planned press conference in Washington, DC and will deliver a statement from Columbus, Ohio at 5:00 p.m. EDT today.

He’s taking some backlash from the Democratic party of Ohio.  A spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic party said: “Since last March, Governor John Kasich has spent more than 200 days out of state, pursuing his presidential ambitions and ignoring the needs of the people of Ohio.  It’s time that Ohio had a governor who was actually doing something about all of that, rather than gallivanting across the country.

“In addition, we hope that the Kasich administration will provide a full accounting of the cost to Ohio taxpayers and Kasich’s campaign will reimburse the state for every single penny that his failed campaign cost the taxpayers of Ohio.”

Kasich only won his home state of Ohio, and had acquired 153 delegates.


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