Kasich Reveals Who He Voted For – You’re Not Gonna Like It

Failed presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich has voted early in the 2016 election. And no, he did not vote for his party’s nominee, Republican candidate Donald Trump. He didn’t vote for his rival either, Hillary Clinton. Instead, he wrote in the name of a former failed candidate of the 2008 election: Sen. John McCain.

By absentee ballot, a spokesperson for Kasich revealed he scribbled in McCain’s name for the White House ticket, and then voted straight Republican for all other ballot races. “The vote essentially is a symbolic gesture. Because McCain is not among the 18 certified write-in candidates in Ohio, Kasich’s vote for president will not count,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Kasich has continuously denied support for Trump after he dropped out of the race in May. The governor even failed to show up during the critical stages of the RNC in his home state. Even though his vote is for McCain, it’s basically a pointless throwaway vote that works in Clinton’s favor.

At least flip-floppy ally of Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, voted for his party’s nominee according to earlier reports. According to Real Clear Politics, polling averages in Ohio have Trump on a slim lead over Hillary Clinton in Kasich’s home state. As of now, Trump is beating the Democrat by 1.3 points.

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