Kasich Would Not Have Signed NC Bathroom Law

So – Kasich has two beautiful daughters – and he’s ok with men using the same restroom or locker room with them?

Everyone is up in arms over North Carolina’s new “bathroom law”, that mandates everyone should use the restroom that matches their biological sex – NOT the gender they “identify” with.   

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said Sunday that he would NOT have signed it.  But, he hasn’t “studied it” yet.

“Everybody needs to take a deep breath, respect one another, and the minute we start trying to write laws, things become more polarized, they become more complicated,” Kasich said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“I wouldn’t have signed that law from everything I know; I haven’t studied it,” the GOP presidential candidate added. “You just got to see what the laws are and what the proposals are and why you need to write a law. Why do we have to write a law every time we turn around in this country? Can’t we figure out just how to get along a little bit better and respect one another? I mean, that’s where I think we ought to be. Everybody chill out.”




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