Katie Couric Caught In Second Deceptive Video Edit

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Interview subjects in a 2014 documentary about obesity say Couric inserted deceptive edits into film.  This is in addition to the recent documentary about guns, where Couric has been criticized for adding a long pause after a gun owner’s reply, to make him look bad.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the documentary Fed Up, directed by Stephanie Soechtig and produced by Couric in 2014, includes several similar edits.  The film is about obesity and the food industry.  Two people interviewed in the film had opposing viewpoints, and both have come forward to say their interviews were edited to show them in a negative light.  Dr. David Allison, director of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center, said, “What she did to me is antithetical to not only just human decency and civility but it is antithetical to the spirit of science and democratic dialogue.”

Allison said Couric had told him in advance that if he needed to pause and collect his thoughts at any point, to just tell her and they would re-start.   Yet, when he did, she edited the film to make it appear as if he stumbled and couldn’t respond, then didn’t show him in the film again after that point.   He said he gave a very good answer to the question, but she edited that out entirely.  “Out of a 90-minute interview she chose to show the approximately 10 seconds when I paused and said, ‘Let me collect my thoughts.’”

In a second scene from the film, Lisa Gable, spokesperson for the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, says additional comments by Soechtig, who interviewed her, were edited into the film in an effort to embarrass her.  The comment can be heard off camera, accusing Gable of avoiding the question, then Gable is shown sitting silently for about three seconds before the scene cuts.

Allison says Couric’s deceptions have had a negative impact on the trust the public has in all journalists.


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