Katie Couric Hit with Lawsuit Over Edited Documentary

Popular gun rights group the Virginia Citizens Defense League has filed a lawsuit against journalist Katie Couric and director Stephanie Soechtig for manipulating the editing of the Epix documentary “Under the Gun.” Two of its members, Daniel Hawes and Patricia Webb, filed the lawsuit of $12 million for damages. Plus, an additional $350,000 each in punitive damages for defamation.

The lawsuit lists the following: editing to make gun rights supporters look confused or uninformed, prolonged moments of pause when gun rights owners give answers, and editing to allow gun control supporters look more prompt with their answers. It even got down to the nitty gritty of the lighting; gun owners were put in a dark light, while interviewed gun control advocates had better lighting.

The lawsuit claims the following:

“The Defendants manipulated the footage in service of an agenda: they wanted to establish that there is no basis for opposing universal background checks by fooling viewers into believing that even a panel of pro-Second Amendment advocates could not provide one. The Defendants intentionally disregarded the truth of the actual exchange that had taken place and took at least six intentional steps to manufacture a fictional exchange to support their agenda.”

Below is footage from film:

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