Keith Scott Threatened to Kill His Wife with a Gun

Keith Scott, the man killed in Charlotte, North Carolina by police that sparked a week of violent protests, has been portrayed by the liberal media as an innocent man who was only carrying a book at the time of his death. However, despite there being a gun found at the scene, it turns out Scott may not be so innocent after all.

Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, vehemently denied Scott owned or possessed a gun during the days after his death. According to a new report though, last year Mrs. Scott told the police her husband did have a gun. And to make matters worse, Keith Scott threatened to shoot and kill Rakeyia.

A black 9mm handgun was owned illegally by Scott when his wife issued a call to police about his threat, which was one of many over a series of time. According to court documents, Scott had kicked his wife, punched their 8-year-old in the head three times and threatened to kill her with the gun.

Two weeks later, Scott’s wife dropped the charges against her husband, stating “he is no longer a threat to me and my family.” However, she did reveal that Scott did not have a gun permit and was a felon. And on the police report, Scott’s wife checked off on a box saying that he had previous moments of threatening gun violence against her and their family.


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