A Hong-Kong-based impersonator of Kim Jong Un claimed that he was detained for hours and questioned upon his arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport on Friday, days before the scheduled summit between the North Korean dictator and U.S. President Donald Trump.

The impersonator, who refers to himself as Howard X, was invited to Singapore by a mall and seafood restaurant to participate in promotions related to the summit, The Associated Press reported.

Howard X claimed that his bags were searched at the airport and he was questioned. Prior to his release, he said he was instructed by police to steer clear of Sentosa Island where Trump and Kim will meet at the Capella Hotel, and not to visit the Shangri-La Hotel where Trump is expected to stay during his visit to Singapore.

“I’m here to stay. I don’t think they will try and kick out the president. It wouldn’t be good press for Singapore,” Howard X said.

Howard X met up with Trump impersonator Dennis Alan on Friday, after which the two held hands and strolled around Merlion Park, a popular tourist destination. They also posed for photographs with curious onlookers.

Alan claimed that the appearance of the pair at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February inspired the upcoming Trump-Kim summit.

“Nobody started talking about a meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump until we suggested it at the Olympics,” Alan said. “It all started with us. If there’s a peace prize that anybody should get, we should get it,” he quipped.

The impersonators fooled Indonesian Janette Warokka, who thought they were truly Trump and Kim.

“It’s so shocking for me. I don’t know why those two famous guys come here,” she said.

Raul Rio, a teacher from Texas, took a selfie with the impersonators.

“They certainly look like the real ones. It was fun to see them,” Rio said.