Kindergartner Caught Carrying Heroin… In a Lunchbox

On Monday at the International Academy of Trenton charter school in New Jersey, a kindergartner teacher noticed a student toying with “candy” in his lunchbox. The teacher politely asked him to stop, but when he refused and began playing with it again, she took the candy delight away.

Only it wasn’t candy; it was heroin. And not just a minute amount either. After the teacher called the police, investigators found 29 bags of the lethal drug in his lunch. The opioid epidemic has now spread its way into the lives of children.

No other student was handed the faux candy packet of heroin, and the boy did not ingest any either. However, this case is just one of many where law enforcement has stumbled upon young children unintentionally carrying drugs for their parents’ bidding. “Any exposure to heroin for a young child is likely to result in death,” said District Attorney Tom Hogan of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

No one has been charged in connection to the incident, though parents and guardians are labeling it a blessing that it was ceased now. “Imagine if the child hadn’t brought it to school, it would still have been in the child’s home,” says Kevin Davis, a grandfather of two who attend the Academy.


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