Kindergartner Nearly Dies on School Bus Due to Negligence

The first day of school can be nerve wracking for both students and their parents. However, for Prince and his mother Michelle Oquendo, nerve wracking is an understatement. On Prince’s first day of kindergarten, the 5-year-old ended up spending nearly five hours alone on the school bus after his bus driver neglected to drop him off at Monocacy Elementary Center.

Prince was trapped in 85-degree temperatures. “I cried myself to sleep,” Prince said, after the bus driver failed to check the backseats as required by staff to do after every ride. The bus driver was immediately fired from his bus driving duties. The school was also at fault for not contacting the mother for his reported absence.

“He was so excited. So excited,” said Oquendo. I have pictures of him. He was ready to go. It was traumatizing to me. He was hot, sweaty. He didn’t even know who I was at first.”

Little Prince will not be riding the bus anytime soon. “I’m going to be driving him back and forth to school. I don’t want him on any buses at all,” Oquendo declared.


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